Incredible Landscape Photography by Koveh Tavakkol

by . December 21st, 2014

Colorado- based landscape and travel photographer Koveh Tavakkol specializes in dramatic, wide-angle photographs with a strong emphasis composition. Koveh is self-taught in different photography techniques and on digital post processing. Koveh lives to explore and discover new and amazing places around the world. He has backpacked in the Himalayan mountains and trekked the wild coastlines of New Zealand.

“I have a true love for photography, in taking photographs as well as viewing amazing images from other people. This appreciation goes beyond landscapes and extends to all types of photography. I often find myself browsing the popular photography websites, in awe of the incredible moments people have captured. You can learn a lot by simply studying other beautiful and captivating photographs.”


Koveh Tavakkol 2

Koveh Tavakkol 5

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“Any place new is top on my list, and I am always up for more traveling experience. My goal is to travel the world and experience the beauty that exists out there. If I manage to capture some good images along the way, that much the better.”

To check out more of Koveh Tavakkol‘s incredible landscape photos, you can visit his Facebook page and website.