Master Photojournalism and Other Helpful Photography Advice from Master Glass

by . August 19th, 2014

If you are a frustrated photography enthusiast with a burning passion for photojournalism looking for tips, tricks, and helpful advice in quick straight fashion, Master Glass is perfectly suited for you.

Let’s face it, photojournalism is by far one of the hardest avenues in photography. I have tried it a couple of times and came out with various results. Sometimes I got the shot I want and sometimes I don’t — and I get the latter more often. As an photography enthusiast, I am really interested in learning how professionals make their shots or at least what do they do to make it easier to get those shots.

Luckily, the internet never runs out of helpful tips and advice in this avenue of photography. One can get the necessary resource with just a push of a button. If you are into photojournalism, there’s one particular website that you guys should check out: Toronto Star’s Master Glass.

Master Glass is a web series run by Toronto Star featuring their own photojournalists showcasing tips as well as giving the low-down of how one should shoot. At times, they give technical advice such from how to maximize the image stabilization feature in your lens down to something as simple as file recovery.

What is nice about this series is that the videos only run for at least two to five minutes. This is extremely helpful since not everyone has the liberty of sitting down to watch, or even pay, for a full DVD tutorial video.

If you want to see more do check them out here.