A Behind the Scenes Look of Elgin Park by Michael Paul Smith

by . February 7th, 2015

If you are a fan of photography and miniature diorama sets then you probably know Michael Paul Smith. Unlike the most of us who do the tilt-shift process to turn most places in miniature versions of themselves, Smith builds his own miniature places. He is known for building insanely realistic dioramas and photographing them using an ordinary camera. While the man has earned himself fame both online and offline, his latest behind the scenes video definitely puts everyone in awe of how he works.


For those who don’t know Michael Paul Smith, his works are often depictions of towns and places carefully crafted with die-cut automobiles set in a real-life background. Employing the optical illusion known as forced perspective, Smith is able to make his dioramas incredibly lifelike. Smith’s level of intricacy and craftsmanship is beyond amazing; he does not let go of the small details like shoe boxes, stage lights, lawnmowers, furniture, and machines inside laundromats. After crafting the dioramas, he takes them all outdoors and places them against natural backgrounds.


The video produced by Animal is a part of his soon-to-be-published photo book about his miniature towns created with the help of Gail K. Ellison. With Danny Yourd of Animal, Smith talked about the challenges and experiences he went through. He shared that these challenges and experiences he encountered gave him the drive to create these miniature worlds.

Smith’s book is available for pre-ordering in the Animal. The book will be released on June 21, 2015. You can also view Smith’s other works  in Visit Elgin Park or through his Flickr which has received 70 million views and counting. What do you folks think? Did Michael Paul Smith’s behind the scenes look of Elgin Park inspire you? We would like to hear what you guys have to say! Share your thoughts at the comments below!