The Beauty of Mushrooms Behind the Macro Photography of Anke Kneifel

by . January 28th, 2015

Anke Kneifel of Neuruppin, Germany was inspired to take the beauty of nature through her camera. She’s enjoys doing photography with her two border terriers which she brings with her when she’s out looking for inspiration. Anke walks through the woods and takes pictures of whatever piques her interest — and one thing that’s caught her attention as of late are mushrooms (to make it clear: mushrooms are not plants; they are classified under kingdom fungi). In her series of macro photography, Anke will show us that mushrooms are indeed worth shooting.

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-2

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-3

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-4

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-5

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-1

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-6

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-7

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-9

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-10

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-11

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-12

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-13

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-14

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-15

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-16

Anke Kneifel-mushroom-17

Visit Anke Kneifel website and check out her 500px and Flickr page. She has lots of cool and amazing photos that I think you will like.