NASA Released Photos From The Apollo Missions And They Are Out Of This World

by . October 3rd, 2015

And we mean that quite literally. So hold onto your asteroid belts and we’ll go to a place no man has gone before…

space bar

…. actually it was just Flickr.

NASA has just released raw and unedited photographs from the Apollo missions in their Flickr album, Project Apollo Archive.

Granted, the photographs have always been available in the Apollo Archive website but the website, suffice to say, is not as friendly to multimedia as it should have. Flickr, on the other hand, is the best place to showcase these photographs to a wider and more interested audiences.

The Apollo Space Program was the NASA program responsible for landing the first humans on the moon, from 1969 to 1972. (Yes, we landed on the moon. Get over it, moon landing hoaxers, and here’s the photographic proof.)

Check out some of the Apollo mission’s archived photos below:

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For the full archive (there are hundreds of photos per mission!), check out Project Apollo Archive’s Flickr account. All photographs are in the public domain and free to be downloaded and probed.

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