Using Photography to Relive Their Spontaneous Kiss Around the World

by . October 12th, 2014

The stars of the beautiful, spur-of-the-moment kiss was captured on camera in the photo below were two Los Angeles-based photographers David Walter Banks and Kendrick Brinson. Taken by their photographer friend, the image shows Banks sweeping Brinson off her feet in a spontaneous kiss. Soon after, the couple decided to redo the kiss as a way of documenting their life together. Armed with their camera and a self-timer, the couple kissed their way around the world and one milestone after another. brinson-banks-photography-001 The couple first met in a photojournalism class at the University of Georgia but it was only after the two graduated did they get together. The two then went on a long-distance relationship and was finally married back in 2012. Both where working as newspaper photographers but Brinson and Banks decided to work together and establish their own company. The company was then named Brinson + Banks — it has allowed the couple to work alongside each other since then. Brinston said in a CNN interview that they had started photographing separately but have always taken photos with each other; and that’s how they discovered their love of working as a team. brinson-banks-photography-006 The series of photographs feature a collection of photos from the places that they love, to the various milestones they have spent together. Brinson said in the interview “We have so many pictures of each other, but never photos of us together.” It is amazing to see how the couple used photography to chronicle their lives together in a sweet and lovely fashion and sharing them with the world. For those who are interested to see more of their adventures, one can follow the tag #Brinsonbanksing on social media. brinson-banks-photography-005 brinson-banks-photography-007 What are your thoughts about Brinson and Banks’ series? Have you done something similar with your significant other? Do tell us at the comments below!