Poking Fun at Apple’s Lates Campaign: Also Shot on iPhone 6

by . March 28th, 2015

Back in our Shot List (March 9-14) we featured iPhone 6’s wonderful gallery wherein they showcased gorgeous photos taken with only the iPhone 6. The gallery was part of a campaign to showcase the impressive optics of Apple’s current flagship phone. A part of Apple’s campaign is to use the best images and have them displayed in billboards, bus stops and inside train stations. The campaign shows a stunning image accompanied by the text, “Shot on iPhone 6” followed by the photographer’s name and a link to Apple’s website.


While we cannot deny that the iPhone 6’s camera is nothing short of great and that goes as well for the images they used in the campaign, there were those who still see the ads as annoying. In San Francisco the iPhone 6 ads were given a different and hilarious twist.

Two Bay Area creative advertising professionals have plastered posters near the Apple ads. The campaign which they called Also Shot on iPhone 6 features posters with selfies that are in between the realms of hilarious and cringe-worthy. Being placed near the actual campaigns perfectly juxtaposes the good images and the not-so-good image both taken by the iPhone. According to their interview at Refinery29 they wanted to show that people do not always take beautiful pictures with their phones and they thought it would be funny to showcase the other, non-beautiful photos that people have taken. On top of that, they see it as poking fun in their industry since both work in the advertising industry.

Also-Shot-On-iPhone-6-001 tumblr_nlr4tt9ANb1ur8txgo1_1280

Unfortunately their campaign was brief, as soon as the folks of San Francisco soon scrambled to have the posters taken down.