Portrait and Boudoir Photography of Sue Bryce

by . November 11th, 2014

Have you ever thought about capturing women in the most flattering way? I can say that all women are beautiful; it’s just a question of how we could put their beauty on film.

Sue Bryce, a talented portrait and boudoir photographer from Sydney Australia, will help you gain the confidence you’ll need to capture your models in the most flattering way. She’ll teach you the poses that will compliment a certain woman’s body type the most.

She has worked with her mom as a retouch artist for 300 professionals by the age of 18. When she saw her first glamour shoot come through, she said to herself that she wants to do that. At the age of 22, she finally started shooting portraits in a studio.

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Sue is gifted when it comes to posing; she can easily have women pose in angles that’ll make them more sexy and glamorous. Through this talent, people recognized her; people started requesting that she come out with a posing guide for women. She created online videos on how to do a perfect pose. Through the help of her tutorials, you’ll never need to use Photoshop’s liquify tool ever again.

sue bryce posing tutorial

sue bryce posing guide

Sue Bryce will captivate every person who looks at her photos — and she’s now giving you the opportunity to captivate your own audience. She makes every woman beautiful, especially in front of the camera. Sue will teach you all the right moves and angles to make your models stand out. She shows women how truly beautiful they really are.

Visit Sue Bryce’s website blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter for more updates. If you are interested to learn more with her, you can check her photography classes here.