Product Photography: A Look Behind Company Photoshoots

by . September 29th, 2015

Product photography is an exciting task for a photographer. It allows them to ignite their inner creativity and passion to make a product look interesting and pleasing to the eyes of consumers.

Product shoots help companies promote what they’re selling. It promotes engagement and gives people an idea of what they are really buying.

We contacted Prints Made Easy (a printing company based in LA) and asked them how they shoot their products for social media.

YTP: How do you plan for and execute your product shoots?

PME: “The Prints Made Easy photography team consists of people who do research, people who buy props, and a photographer of course. A lot of thought goes into every shoot. We conceptualize and discuss what we want to convey to people. Once we agree on something, we have our ideas approved and then off we go! It really wouldn’t work if we didn’t have all these talented and passionate people.”

B5_Alexandra Ellis_PME7_IG


YTP: What equipment do you use in your photography studio?

PME: “We use 2 soft boxes as our light source. We seldom use a reflector because we don’t like putting shadow on our shots. We want the picture to look clean. But it depends on the concept really.”

IMG_1643 IMG_1644

YTP: How big is the space you use to shoot your products?

PME: “Very limited. It can be challenging. But since we mostly shoot small print products like business cards, it’s not that big of a problem.”


YTP: Do you post-process/edit your photos?

PME: “Yes! Post processing is needed. We try to keep edits minimal though. Usually cleaning and cropping the images.”


YTP: What are the challenges you guys face during a product shoot?

PME: “Getting props. Sometimes we can’t find the appropriate props for the themes we planned. Also, we need to constantly dig for new and exciting ideas. Shooting flat products can make it difficult to find good angles.”

YTP: What advice can you give other people who are looking into product photography?

PME: “Explore. Read and watch tutorials on product photography. There are lots of professional photographers out there who are willing to share their techniques on taking pictures of products.”

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For more information about what their product photography looks like, check out Prints Made Easy’s Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.