Redditor Finds 60s Photographer’s Portfolio In A Secret Compartment

by . October 29th, 2015

I don’t know what’s up with Redditors and vaults but they seem to be finding them all the time, with anticlimactic contents.


Pepperidge Farm Remembers

This time though, it’s more of a secret compartment than a vault. It’s also not as anticlimactic as that spider inside the original vault.

Reddit user /u/tactiletack called a water mitigation company to fix the damage done by his broken water heater the night before. To prevent mold from growing on the dry wall, the company cut off parts of the wood and found a sealed enclosure.

02 - WlIXFzW

And as every Buzzfeed editor would say, what they found out would surprise you.

According to /u/tactiletack, they found a cache of artwork and photographs as well as a document indicating that the artist is a woman from the 1960s.

The artwork consists of pencil portraits, oil and watercolor paintings as well as photographs that are most probably self-portraits.

03 - DEBg2qt
05 - YpMcoCO

16 - 694umVK

“A photo with a story? A story with a photo? I’m intrigued. Looks like she’s got a penchant for the mysterious,” said /u/tactiletack in one of the photo captions. I’d say he’s right.

Photography enthusiasts in the thread suggests that her style is similar to Cindy Sherman. Sherman was known for her self-portraits and used concepts of public celebrity, self confidence, sexual adventure, identity and feminism.

06 - wbizEWF 07 - gSAmh5e 08 - 8zevyZp

09 - caixdhA

In all likelihood, this find is consistent with an art student’s portfolio. The different media and styles might mean that the artist is exploring different ideas and styles that suit her.

The artist was not a complete amateur in photography, however, and suggests knowledge of technique, especially if she printed the photographs herself.

10 - MlcPQ3I 11 - X0WLPkZ 12 - UhVHodc 13 - Mg8yDqO 14 - iKHLvvM 15 - Wma50I7

According to the original poster, the lone previous owner of the house is over 100 years old and didn’t know about the art. “I have so many questions as to why it was sealed up in the wall. But for now I have a practical one: What should I do with it?”

For the full thread, click here.

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