SLOPES — World’s First Polyhedron Stand Designed For GoPro

by . November 11th, 2015

The traditional GoPro tripod stand, or any camera tripod stand, doesn’t really suck. But it’s a chore to set one up.

The online shop for GoPro tripods for example gives a variety of one-size-fits-all GoPro stands that have a lot of features and can shoot in almost every angle there is.

And therein lies the problem.

The more complicated the contraption is, the harder it is to set up. It’s not a problem in situations where you are given a lot of time to prepare. But most of the time, there is only a split-second between the perfect shot and a disastrous photograph.

To address this, Beijing-based photographer Ruogu Zhou created a simple accessory called SLOPES, the world’s first GoPro polyhedron support.


In its Indiegogo page, Zhou wrote “SLOPES provides 20 different ways to put your Gopro, with a body even smaller than a Gopro housing. No tripod is needed any longer.”

Taking his inspiration from the ancient Chinese seal of which 14 stamps were carved out of a polyhedron stone, Zhou designed SLOPES’ facets with varying angles, creating 20 unique positions.



I think this fits the trend of minimalism in virtually everything. Don’t get me wrong though. The angular offerings of the standard tripod is still quite useful but the plug n’ play nature of SLOPES provide a fast positioning speed to capture that elusive moment you want to frame.



What I like best about the design idea is the possibilities of making better composites. Given that SLOPES has the same angle view for every photo taken on the same facet, photos have naturally the same angles and you won’t need to manipulate photographs further. You can do that with the tripod but it is a hassle to set-up.



The campaign still has 25 days left and it already met 241% of its $10,000 dollar goal as of press time. Check out their Indiegogo campaign here.

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