Submit Here: Tumblr Blogs for Photography Submissions

by . July 5th, 2015

As someone who has attended numerous design and photography workshops one thing I have noticed is that many of the successful artists start out by showcasing their work to the world. By showcasing their work they not only have gotten better at their craft through constructive criticism; they also had their work noticed by new clientele.

Tumblr is one of best platforms for photographers and visual artists to showcase their work. Tumblr is easy to use and has tons of customization options without *the need to pay premium”. Tumblr also has an amazing community thanks to the reblogging system. We are assuming that many of you folks know how Tumblr can be used in various ways. For those who don’t, stay tuned we will do a post on that soon. Instead of doing a Tumblr 101 we are here to feature the 6 amazing Tumblr blogs wherein photographers can submit their photographs.

These blogs may vary in their themes but have one thing in common, the people who run these sites will approve high-quality submissions, so keep this in mind and send the best of your work.

1. The Photographer’s Directory
Photographer’s Directory operates on a simple premise. It aims to be a global stage that showcases the works of various photographers. The website pretty much runs on user submitted content. All a user has to do is submit a great photo along with answers to questions like “what you do”, “How did you start out” and “what did photography do in your life”. The Photographer’s Directory accepts various submission regardless of genre and skill level.

2. Lensblr
UCreative-Lensblr- Photographers-on-Tumblr-2015
Lensblr’s advocacy is to become the door to discovery for photographers from all over the world. One thing that sets Lensblr from the Photographer’s Directory and Original Photographers is that apart from getting great images from user-submitted work, Lensblr has a dedicated team that looks out for great images and reblogs it on their feed. Meaning, you might have your image featured, so long as the good folks of Lensblr like your image. On top of that Lensblr also offers a membership for Tumblr photographer blogs. However it is important to note that they screen any submitted blogs to make sure that these blogs are top-notch quality before they are featured and introduced to the community.

3. Original Photographers
Created back in 2012 by Fay Freshwater, the blog’s aim is to feature various photography work from different genres and experiences. Just like Lensblr, Original Photographers also reblogs works of photographers. Those who are interested can use the hashtags: #originalphotographers and #photographersontumblr.

4. Staged Photography
Staged Photography is a particular favorite of mine. Unlike most photography blogs, Staged Photography celebrates a particular theme of constructed images. Images that are built and staged by photographers in order to convey emotion as well as creating events and situations. Such images that are often featured in Staged Photography are like Jonathan Hobin’s In the Playroom. Staged Photography is perfect for those who are into creating fine art contemporary images.

5. A Secret
A Secret is an online photography blog that focuses on secrets as a theme for photographs. Owned and founded by Aoife O’Dwyer, A Secret is easily summarized by a quote by Diane Arbus that goes, “A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.” The images posted in the site can be interpreted in a variety of ways .which makes them all the more intriguing. Apart from having a website, A Secret is gearing up to have a printed version to have the photographs featured in their full, printed glory.

What do you folks think? Do you think we missed anything? We’d like to know at the comments below!