14 Surreal Photography Images for your Inspiration

by . November 10th, 2014

With tools and powerful software to create dream-like vistas, surreal photography has become one of the many forays for most photographers. Just like the paintings of surrealist masters such as Salvador Dali, surreal photography challenges the viewer to dissect and create their own interpretations as to what does the photograph is about. Often times many surrealist photographers create this richly imagined worlds based from their dreams and experiences.

One notable photographer in the list is Kirsty Mitchell, Mitchell who is a UK-based photographer  used her photography to cope with the lost of her mother. She said that photography become her escape wherein she could return to and remember the good memories of her mother far away from the hospital walls. Her works often feature vivid and fairy like illustrations which are sometimes bright, vivid and energetic and at times haunting and solemn.

While Kristy Mitchell does not use Photoshop to create these dream-like fantasy of her’s some employ the use of the famed image editing program. Regardless which method a photographer use to create these fantastic images, surreal photography is no small feat to do. It requires dedication, patience and enormous amounts for creative vision to create an ordinary image into something that belongs in the dream world. Below are some amazing examples of surreal photography both done with and without the aid of image editing software to inspire and fuel the surreal photographer inside you.



Tommy Ingberg


Robert Jahns


Nicolas Bruno


Christopher J. 


surreal-photography-inspiration-005Martin De Pasquale


surreal-photography-inspiration-006JeeYoung Lee


surreal-photography-inspiration-007Ben Zark


surreal-photography-inspiration-008Kirsty Mitchell


surreal-photography-inspiration-009Joel Robison


surreal-photography-inspiration-010Sarolta Bán


surreal-photography-inspiration-011Thomas Barbèy

Migration season

Miss Aniela


surreal-photography-inspiration-012Francesco Romoli


surreal-photography-inspiration-013Hossein Zare

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