Using Food Photography to Illustrate European Capitals

by . October 17th, 2014

Everybody appreciates a good food photo on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter — especially if it has the hashtag #foodporn. And the more sumptuous-looking the food is, the more likes and shares the photo gets. While we salivate at the sight of bacon-wrapped goods and chocolate cakes, this food photography series is unlike the pictures of food we often seen on our newsfeeds and dashboards on a regular basis. In fact, these food were not meant to be eaten. Not that it is not edible, but they’re more suitable to look at than chew on.

Commissioned by travel site Foodie Backpacker, food illustrator & food stylist Anna Keville Joyce and photographer Agustin Nieto created this food photography series that illustrates four famous capitals in Eastern Europe. Using fresh ingredients, Anna Keville Joyce created these intricate illustrations of Bucharest, Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest. Currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Anna Keville Joyce is no stranger when it comes to creating edible works of art from fresh ingredients and taking pride that she uses 100% food elements in all of her works. Agustin Nieto specializes in food photography for packaging, editorial, as well as restaurants.

Food-photography-eastern-europe-city-illustrations-bucharest Food-photography-eastern-europe-city-illustrations-Budapest Food-photography-eastern-europe-city-illustrations-Prague Food-photography-eastern-europe-city-illustrations-Warsaw

As always, don’t forget to take a look at the other works of Anna Kevilla Joyce and Agustin Nieto! What are your thoughts about the food photography series they did? Did this post inspire you? We’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts in the comments below!