Watch: 25 Photo Clichés We’re Sick Of

by . August 25th, 2015

We are so sick of these. And yes, we’re guilty of most of them.

Hong Kong-based DigitalRev TV is probably one of the most informative photography channels on YouTube and you can bet they’ve seen it all. In this light-hearted, somewhat angry video, they give us and imagination-bereft photographers a piece of their mind.



1.) Selfies

2.) Bokeh Balls

3.) Signing your Photos

4.) Cheesy Filters

5.) Adding Text to Your Photos

6.) Sunset Photos

7.) Watermarks

8.) Add Borders To Your Photos

9.) Light Painting Your Name

10.) Selective Color

11.) B & W Art Nudes

12.) Blurry Waterfall

13.) Landscape Panoramas

14.) Clouds

15.) Lens Flare

16.) HDR

17.) B & W Photos That Should Be Color

18.) Zoom Burst

19.) Dutch Angle

20.) Touristy Photos

21.) Homeless People Photos

22.) “I’m a Photographer” Selfie

23.) Every Single Stock Photo Ever Made

24.) Optical Illusions

25.) Trollies



Our two cents


Of course, most of these things have their place — not the least of which is if a client actually demands them. Most of these only really problems when misused. What constitutes misuse is a topic for another post. A really, really long one.

Got any other pet peeves? Disagree with any of these? Comment below!