Watch: How To Find Photos When The Location’s “Boring”

by . November 3rd, 2015

TLDR; only boring photographers whine about things being boring.

Let’s face it. One big reason your expensive camera rig’s collecting dust is because you can’t find anything interesting enough to take pictures of. The pursuit of interestingness is so powerful many photographers convince themselves they have to travel in order to get shots worth taking.

While travel is great, it’s far from the only way to find interesting things to shoot. As veteran photographer Mike Brown explains, it’s a simple matter of opening your eyes — and your mind.

Says Mike:

“When us photographers can’t find something interesting to photograph it’s not the location that’s boring – it’s our imagination letting us down.”

It’s entirely possible you don’t necessarily see anything interesting with what you find in your backyard because you’ve seen those things thousands, if not millions of times before.

However not everyone has. It’s almost certain that other people might find where you live completely new, or even interesting! It’s all about empathy, presentation, and an open mind. Of course, getting your technical chops up to speed can be a huge thing as well.

Trying to see new things in environments you once considered boring can be a great exercise for developing creativity. Creative photographers will always have an advantage, wherever you put them.

What are your favorite backyard photography subjects? Comment below!