Watch: How To Pose Models

by . November 19th, 2015

The social skills needed to pose models are perhaps the most overlooked parts of professional photography.

Having experienced being on both sides of the lens in a few professional shoots, and plenty of amateur ones, there is not a shred of doubt left in my mind that the worst live model photographers are the ones who lack social skills.

I’m convinced the difference between photographers who are cut out to shoot live models and the rest of us is communications skills and charisma. A live photographer has to be able to tell the model what needs to be done — or lead them into it.

Jessica Kobeissi’s video on how to pose models is one of the better ones to tackle this criminally overlooked topic.

Of course, all models are different and you can’t always get everyone to do what you need. But there’s always some things about your interactions that you can control. Social engineer and resource speaker Ramit Sethi gives his insights helping anyone improve their social skills here.

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