YouTube Photography Channels That You Should Be Subscribing To

by . December 13th, 2014

Apart from learning photography through workshops, school, and friends, you can learn a lot by watching YouTube tutorials. Not only is YouTube is free for everyone, it also boasts a huge library of knowledge, hilarity, and the occasional weird “stuff” to keep you entertained. With so many resources to check, it is no small feat to find great channels to subscribe to. But you need not worry because we handpicked photography channels and neatly categorized each one depending on your needs.

General Photography

From tips, camera reviews, and interviews to funny (and sometimes serious) talks, these channels pack quite a lot of content for you to see.

Started by a group of photographers and retouchers based in Africa. They offer retouching tutorials, behind the scenes, as well as gear reviews and interviews.

DigitalRev TV
If you don’t know Kai Wong and his hilarious commentary then you must be living under a rock. DigitalRev TV is one of the longest photography show on the web. It features reviews, interviews, off beat videos, and our favorite which is the Cheap Camera Challenge.

Matt Granger
A Vlog that features tutorials, gear reviews, as well as some behind-the-scene videos. Just recently, Matt Granger released his photography business column which aims to help photographers who want to go into the business of photography.

CameraRec Toby
What started out as a Twitter account back in ’09 answering questions with regards to photography has become a full blown YouTube channel. Toby Gelston gives us photography tutorials, camera reviews, critiques, and he even does personalized photo help as well.

Adam Lerner
Tech talks, offbeat videos, behind the scenes, photo critique, career advise, and gear reviews — Adam Lerner has it all. Adam keeps it short and simple. Most of his videos are under 10 minutes long which is perfect if you need quick advice. If you are courageous enough, you might also want to try and submit your portfolio for him to review as well.

SLR Lounge
One of the best YouTube channels we are subscribed to, The SLRlounge channel talks about everything under the sun. Whether you are new into photography or a budding pro, the SLR Lounge channel has it all for you.

Apart from selling electronics and photography gadgets, Adorama provides users helpful photography tutorials such as how-tos in shooting as well as product reviews. If you need that one channel to subscribe to, it better be Adorama!

Photoshop Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

Get the most out of your Photoshop and Lightroom programs by learning through these channels.

We have been fans of Phlearn ever since it got started. Informative, friendly, and easy to follow, Phlearn makes learning Photoshop and Photomanipulation easy easy. Apart from their amazing Photoshop tutorials, Phlearn also features nifty lighting and advance techniques as well. If you love their work, you might want to check out their website as well.

Photoshop Tutorials by Howard Pinsky
While this channel is not strictly into photography, there are a lot of tutorials that any photographer can benefit from watching. Photoshop Tutorials by Howard Pinsky also delves into design work which is a perfect addition to any photographer’s skillset.

Photoshop Training Channel
Most—if not all—of us just want the nitty-gritty of how one achieves a certain look — The Photoshop Training Channel gives you just that. Direct and simple, this channel also introduces to users 3D tools apart from the usual photomanipulation techniques and text effects.

Photography Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

Learn the tricks of the trade! From how to better compose your photos to simple tricks on how to shoot better.

Good Light! Clips
Lighting is the bane of every newbie photographer, especially those who are dealing with strobe for the first time. Good Light Clips is a YouTube channel of Good Light Magazine which is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The Photo/Video Show
Learn how to shoot better regardless if you are a photographer or a videographer! From the fundamentals to fun tips and tricks, Mark sure makes learning photography and videography easy and enjoyable.

Fashion Photography Channel
For those who want to be fashion photographers, this is a channel worth subscribing to. Not only does the Fashion Photography channel feature tutorials and behind the scenes, the channel also offers interviews with fashion runway photographers. The channel has been quite inactive but fear not because they only moved here.

Ana Brandt
If you want to specialize in pregnancy and newborn photography, then subscribing to TAoPaN or The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn is a must. The channel features tips and tricks from shooting to post processing — even prop making as well.


Photography Gear Reviews

Feeling queasy buying that newly released gear? Check out this channels to see what they have got to say.

What Digital Camera
What Digital Camera is one of UK’s best digital photography magazine and they have brought their content to YouTube. What Digital Camera not just offers in-depth reviews, they also do live tests and previews of the newest imaging products.

ZY Productions
ZY Productions reviews a wide variety of gadgets from audio to camera gears even videography tools such as Glidecams and such.

Digital Camera World
Another great YouTube Channel focusing mainly on photography gear is Digital Camera World. Covering a wide array of cameras from DSLR to micro four thirds even with compact cameras, this channel is loaded with fantastic reviews.


If you have amazing photos that you would love to share don’t hesitate to submit it to our gallery and we’d love to put a spotlight on it!

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