5 Graphic Design Tips + Bookmark Freebies

by . March 25th, 2014

Attention graphic designers! You The Designer came across this article in The Canva Blog, another website that also shares design articles, tutorials and inspiration. Basically, the post is all about the five (5) most important things that you, as a designer, should always remember and follow in doing graphic design. These tips will help you to create not only good looking designs, but designs that are able to send their message across.┬áNow let’s get to those design tips!

Graphic Design Tip #1


Use contrasting colors between your background images and text. Remember, dark backgrounds/images should have light colored text, vice versa.

Graphic Design Tip #2


Pick fonts to use for your title or headings, subtitles, and body text. Title/heading fonts must stand out while subtitles and body text fonts should be legible.

Graphic Design Tip #3


Choose your desired color scheme and be faithful to it. Always start with 2 or 3 colors.

Graphic Design Tip #4


An image is a big factor in design. Use grids to layout your images so that it will look cleaner and professional.

Graphic Design Tip #5


This is an old trick out of the hat. Minimal usage of fonts, colors and images is better than a mess of mismatched design.

We also created a bookmark featuring the said graphic design tips. Use it so that you’ll be able to keep them in mind all the time. The bookmarks are 2″ x 7″ and come in three different colors. Choose a color, click the image, save it on your computer, and print it anywhere you want!




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