Free Nature Wallpaper Featuring Peaceful Forest Life

by . March 7th, 2012

Digital creatives like us tend to stay indoors or in our steel urban jungles way too long, so here’s a freebie to remind us what we’re missing out on. I designed it in a way to make you want to go outdoors, hike to someplace where you can feel the beauty of nature, and maybe encounter these humble but enchanting creatures for yourself…

This free nature wallpaper comes in several sizes for whatever gadget you’d like it on, from 640 x 480 px all the way up to 2560 x 1440 px. Feel free to share with your friends or even post this on your own site – all we’ll ask is that you link back to this post too.

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Enjoy – and let me know what other wallpaper designs you’d like me to make next!