10 Must-Read Books for Freelance Photographers

by . August 19th, 2014

Books are nifty sources of information — especially if you’re looking for in-depth content that’s not only solely focused on one topic.

This is why we here at You The Photographer picked some awesome reads for you. Whether you’re a beginner in need of inspiration or a hobbyist who wants to elevate your photography skills to the next level while making money on the side.



1. Annie Leibovitz at Work

If you want to learn more about how the infamous documentary-photographer-turned-celebrity-photographer Annie Leibovitz takes such amazing photos, then this is for you. Get it here.








2. Blogging for Photographers: Explore your Creativity & Build Your Audience

Blogging plays a huge role in marketing yourself as a product and as a business. If you find yourself unable to capitalize on that fact, this book would be a great guide for you. Written by Jolie O’Dell—who had previously worked for Mashable—this book is full of expert tips on creating and maintaining a blog. Get it here.






3. The Photographer’s Eye

Being able to see the potential of a strong picture is one thing. Just as important is being able to organize the elements in the frame before pressing the shutter. It is one of the most overlooked photography skills nowadays. This book will guide you through creating an effective and compelling composition before pressing the shutter. Get it here.






4. Vivian Maier: Street Photographer

Get inspired by the nanny who not only took care of kids but also took amazing photographs during her lifetime. Learn more about Vivian Maier’s amazing photographic journey and how her work was discovered. Get it here.





5. 2014 Photographer’s Market

If you are planning to turn your hobby into a business but don’t know who to call and show your photos to, this book is for you. For years the Photographer’s Market series has constantly provided true and top-notch industry contacts. Not only that, they also share up-to-date information on how to start and run a photography business. Get it here.





6. Set Up Your Own Photoblog

How does one maintain a site? How about getting traffic? Nancy Messiah gets down to the nitty-gritty details of setting up and running your very own photography blog. Get it here.









7. Starting a Photography Business

Photoshelter is not only known to provide amazing web services to photographers. They too give expert knowledge in various business-related photography topics without having you spend a single cent. Get it here.






8. The Shy Photographer’s Guide to Confidence

If you’ve experienced missing shots because you’re too shy to take them, then fret no more. Lauren Lim shares her practical tips to boost your confidence in taking great photos, meeting clients, and travelling as a true photographer. Get it here.




9. Strobist Lighting 101

You can learn everything you need to know about lighting from the strobist master, David Hobby. He has compiled a list of all the lighting basics from the correct lighting gear, natural and artificial lighting, as well as how to balance them. This free e-book has it all. Get it here.








10. The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography

Learn the ropes of photography from the publication that has consistently shown us amazing images for decades. From giving us composition tips to introducing us to various lenses, NatGeo’s The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography is a must-have for beginners and long-time shooters who need a quick refresher. Get it here.



Did we miss a good read? Tell us! Share your thoughts in the comments section below!