Create Gorgeous Beauty Lighting with Omega Reflector

by . December 15th, 2014

Do you use reflectors when you shoot? Isn’t it annoying how they sometimes get in the way of a perfect shot? Reflectors are pretty important during photo shoots though, especially when only have little natural light to work with. It’s a good thing then that Jerry Ghionis, designer of the popular Ice Light, has reinvented a product that has been unchanged for a really long time. We present you the Omega Reflector (manufactured by Westcott).

It can be used as a standard reflector or as a shoot-through unit with an easily convertible 2:3 center frame with easy-to-attach Velcro panels. Using just one light source, you can produce a main light and a back light and create gorgeous lighting quickly and easily. It’s unique design creates incredible catch lights that make eyes pop! Suction cups are included for quick mounting on glass surfaces. It comes with a durable travel case (with a shoulder strap) for effortless travel and portability.

The Omega Reflector-the first of its kind-serves as an instant beauty dish for dramatic portrait lighting. This innovative light control system features a 2:3 removable center frame and 5 interchangeable surfaces. Like traditional 5-in-1 Westcott reflectors, these high-quality fabrics include a reflective white, reflective silver, reflective sunlight, black block, and 1-stop diffusion. All surface options can be used in the Omega’s full-surface or shoot-through form.


Instantly produce a main light and back light/hair light with the sun — creating soft, even beauty lighting for flawless-looking skin.



Its box type hole in the reflector allows you to shoot with ease.

005-006 007-008




Soften and reflect the harshness of a speedlite indoors.



Soften and reflect the harshness of a flash outdoors with the look and luxury of a beauty dish and a ring flash, creating a front light and a hair light.

013-014 019-020


Soften harsh sunlight shining through a window by quickly mounting the reflector using the included suction cup.



Create shafts of light for unique portraits.



Use the internal diffuser to soften harsh sunlight.



Use the Omega Reflector as a traditional reflector to fill in shadows with one side or create drama and depth using the dark side.



Use the diffuser as a portable soft box or create a smaller more dramatic light quality with the black shoot through configuration.



Block unwanted light to add shadows and drama.



Block unwanted reflections through glass for a clear view of your subject.