A Book of Poses: Coco Rocha & Steven Sebring’s Study of Pose

by . October 10th, 2014

If you are an aspiring fashion or portrait photographer—or someone who loves photographing people—then this new book by Steven Sebring called Study of Pose is a must add to your library.

Dubbed as an ambitious collaboration, the Study of Poses features Coco Rocha — who is not only one of the most sought after supermodels but also dubbed as “The Queen of Pose.” Along with the famed supermodel is world-renowned photographer, filmmaker, and multimedia artist, Steven Sebring. With Coco Rocha’s cunning ability to strike distinctive poses and Sebring’s great skill, the pair was able to pull of 1000 unique poses.



The book is filled to the brim with poses — vibrant, dramatic, elegant, and theatrical. And for those who claim that they’ve seen them all, the book also offers poses new to the world of art and fashion. While the concept of the book may not be groundbreaking, Sebring manages to pull a few tricks off his sleeves. Instead of shooting from only one perspective, Sebring decided to give us a full, 360-degree view through a complicated system. The system allowed Sebring to instantaneously capture Coco Rocha from all angles. While Sebring did not specifically mention the specifics of his rig, we can safely assume that it is somewhat similar to Eric Paré’s setup.

The colossal book of poses is 2,032 pages thick and costs $60.00. But for those who prefer the compactness of an ebook, don’t fret; there will be one. The book is set to released on October 28, 2014. One can pre-order on Amazon or through Harper Collins.

Banner image source: Youtube