Inside the Sketch Books of Photographers

by . December 9th, 2014

For most creative people, sketchbooks are an integral part of their conceptualization stage. For most photographers, however, sketch pads are only seen as a plus as they mostly rely on their cameras when coming up with ideas. Photographers’ Sketchbooks by Stephen McLaren and Bryan Formhals is one sketchbook that photographers should definitely have. The book shows us a totally different behind-the-scenes look at a photographer’s thought process; you’re introduced to fifty photographers and get to look at how each one works on ideas.


With the digital age taking over most of the creative processes, it is a joy to see there are still those who appreciate finding and hiding ideas inside a sketchbook. Photographers’ Sketchbooks takes us inside the minds of some of the most talented photographers today. It features snapshots, diaries, found photography, installations, contact sheets, photo albums, zines, blogs, and smartphone images. One must-see photographer profile in the book is Roger Ballen whose famous for directing a couple of music videos and creating surreal imagery. There is also award-winning Naoya Hatakeyama who is considered as one of Japan’s most prominent photographers.

sketch-book-photographers-001 sketch-book-photographers-002 sketch-book-photographers-003 sketch-book-photographers-004

Apart from photographers, Photographers’ Sketchbooks also features a wide variety of lessons such as what materials and tools these photographers keep on hand when observing, recording, or keeping themselves inspired. From conceptualization and execution to presentation and post-processing, this book features a 360-degree view of the photography process as well as sample works in progress.

Whether you use the traditional way of idea creation or have gone digital, one thing is for certain: great images don’t just come by chance. Most of the time, it is created through careful planning and conceptualization. Are you a photographer who sketches? Tell us at the comments below!