Triggertrap Mobile: The Ultimate Camera Remote Control

by . December 7th, 2014

If you’ve always dreamed of using your smartphone or tablet as an awesome camera trigger then thank your stars for Triggertrap and their latest creation, Triggertrap Mobile. Using a free app and a custom dongle, Triggertrap Mobile turns your smartphone into a motion- and sound-sensitive remote trigger for your camera. It also allows you to trigger the camera via Wi-Fi, facial recognition, and vibration.

Apart from enabling users to trigger the camera in various ways, it also gives users a variety of creative options such as star trails and HDR. Triggertrap Mobile, however, takes things up a notch by introducing a variety of timelapse modes. Some of the modes include TimeWarp—wherein the timelapse is accelerated—and DistanceLapse which uses the smartphone’s GPS to take photos using the distance covered. Another amazing feature is the Long Exposure HDR Timelapse that allows the users to create an amazing HDR timelapse!

Triggertrap Mobile has not only turned your smartphone into the perfect camera remote trigger; it also made shooting timelapse videos and high-speed photography easier and much more affordable than before. Triggertrap isn’t just for “serious applications,” it’s also perfect for doing pranks—or more specifically—photographing those prank moments. In their holiday video, Triggertrap has suggested a variety of ways on how to use it to capture pranks and other not-so-great-but-really-hilarious moments.

The Triggertrap Mobile app supports both iOS and Android. It is also supports 14 brands of tablets and smartphones and also covers over 300 camera models. Depending on the brand you are going to use, the Triggertrap Mobile kits will cost you from £22.99 to £34.99 or $36.05 to $54.87. You should also check out their website if you want to know more about Triggertrap and their other products. They also have video tutorials showing you how to maximize this one-of-a-kind remote trigger. You can also take a look for the full list of brands and cameras that they support here.