14 Cool Custom Labels

by . July 30th, 2008

Although emails and the internet have become a dominant force in the communication world, people still do send out paper envelopes with letters in them! If you are anything like me then you probably have watched your handwriting degrade over the years due to amount of time spent typing with a keyboard. This is why getting custom labels,custom address labels and custom return address labels with your logo, address and design elements pre-printed is a great idea.

Why Not Design Your Own Custom Labels?

Designing your own custom labels is something you should consider for your studio or freelance business. Custom labels will save you time, they are great for branding and look extremely professional when placed on envelopes or packages. Below is a great collection of custom labels to give you some ideas of what other designers have done!

Cool Custom Labels

custom-labels-1.jpg custom-labels-2.jpg

custom-labels-3.jpg custom-labels-4.jpg

custom-labels-5.jpg custom-labels-6.jpg

custom-labels-7.jpg custom-labels-8.jpg

custom-labels-9.jpg custom-labels-10.jpg

custom-labels-11.jpg custom-labels-12.jpg

custom-labels-13.jpg custom-labels-14.jpg

Do you use custom mailing labels? If so, we would love to see them!


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