15 Snazzy Snowboard Designs

by . February 25th, 2008

Photo By Aeioux

Below is a collection of snowboard designs found on various portfolio sites that I thought were really well done. Most portfolio sites consist of very standard types of projects such as business card designs, websites, posters and such, so I found it very refreshing to find some snowboard designs on graphic design portfolio sites.

If snowboard design interests you I hear there are snowboard design competitions pretty often and you might want to look into pitching your custom designs to major companies. I am sure a lot of them are always looking for fresh talent for their snowboard lines. Landing a gig is often simply an email away!

Salomon Snowboards Artwork Contest

Speaking of snowboard contests theres one going on right now! It’s already started, but you still have time to enter, so check out the rules to make sure you are eligible, then download the snowboard design template and get working!

Snowboard Design Showcase








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