16 Bad Ass Band Posters

by . March 28th, 2008

Below are examples 16 quality band posters from a variety of designers. Examining the work of other designers is an important aspect of becoming a better designer. Every time you examine another design your absorb a little bit of that design. Designers are walking visual sponges and everything we create samples from what we’ve experienced and seen in life.

16 Band Posters by Awesome Designers

band-posters1a.jpg band-posters2a.jpg

band-posters3a.jpg band-posters4a.jpg

band-posters5a.jpg band-posters6a.jpg

band-posters7a.jpg band-posters8a.jpg

band-posters9a.jpg band-posters10a.jpg

band-posters11a.jpg band-posters12a.jpg

band-posters13a.jpg band-posters14a.jpg

band-posters15a.jpg band-posters16a.jpg


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