16 Green Graphic Logo Designs

by . October 17th, 2008

Green is a refreshing and powerful color that invokes thoughts of nature, life, renewal, and environmental friendliness. For this reason, many companies recently, have been using this color more often. Sometimes, green is used in a more literal way as the color for leaf or tree symbols, but other times it is used as the color for typography or even just as a background color. No matter where it is used, green tends to have the same effect on these graphic logo designs.

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Below we have showcased some nice examples of green graphic logo designs found at LogoPond and Logo Galleria.

Green Graphic Logo Designs

Graphic Logo Designs - Brilliantly Green Graphic Logo Designs - Green Fork Cafe

Graphic Logo Designs - Bilogyie Graphic Logo Designs - Studio Creek

Graphic Logo Designs - Breeze Graphic Logo Designs - Venue Vision

Graphic Logo Designs - Top Fruits Graphic Logo Designs - Client Link

Graphic Logo Designs - cityadv Graphic Logo Designs - Eternaleds

Graphic Logo Designs - acti medicus  Graphic Logo Designs - Punto Verde

Graphic Logo Designs - Gartennetz Deutschland Graphic Logo Designs - EcoScapes

Graphic Logo Designs - Mantis Graphic Logo Designs - Paganova


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