19 Wicked Good Business Card Design Examples

by . October 24th, 2008

In many countries the business card is considered an extension of yourself and that is why your business card design is so important. It should speak about who you are and what your company is about. A Professional business card design can go a long way when you meet some one and can leave a great lasting impression in the person’s mind, increasing the chances of being contacted in the future.

So before you create your business card design, check out some of these new business card design examples I found recently to see what others are doing. Feel free to Submit Your Own Business Card Designs to our design gallery to promote your design services, or ask for critiques!

Business Card Design Examples

Business Card - Red

Business Cards - off white

Business Cards - green line

Business Cards - Larry Green

business cards - something something

Business Cards - Please Wait

Business Cards - Kevin Cheng

Business Cards - Belly Feel

Business Cards - Wizkidmedia

Business Cards - Poke

Business Cards - CBS

Business Cards - Heather Weaver

Business Cards - Translucent

Business Card - Chicago Metro Card

Business Cards - blah

Business Cards - blah blah

Business Cards - Awesome

Business Cards - Woot


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