30 Earthy Colored Business Cards That’ll Catch Attention

by . April 21st, 2011

Your business card is one of the most important marketing tools you can ever own. Make sure that you choose the best background color because that single design element plays a vital role in presenting yourself and your company’s image to your prospective clients.

Colors represent many things to different people. In many cases, choosing a neutral tone such as brown could make people feel that you are a warm and dependable professional. It is also a great background color because it allows the printed contact information to be read easily.

To make the search easier for you, we’ve collected 30 brown business cards online. In case you are planning to make a new business card, try to check this collection to get some inspiring ideas. Enjoy!

Business Card for Andreas Sugianto

Designed by: Pomato Asia

A logo of Andreas Sugianto’s initials has been created and die-cut so that it can be seen from both sides of the card.
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Designed by: TunnelBravo

New agency/business cards for TunnelBravo.
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Business Card for Matt Coffman

Designed by: Anabliss
Business card printed on a ginger 80# card stock with black and white ink. Its stamp-perf gives customers the choice of folding it in half or tearing it in two.
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Business Card for Chris Kaufman

Designed by: Chris Kaufman
A card that is letterpress printed on Crane 110# 100% Cotton Lettra.
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Business Card for Irma Groenewald

Designed by: Irma Groenewald
A business card printed into a recycled card which can be folded into a heart shape to be used as a desk ornament or to be folded flat to fit in your wallet.
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Business Card for Bombay Bakery

Designed by: Dizzy Design, Ashutosh Karkhanis
An edible business cards created for a client to promote her bakery which were available in different flavors like chocolate, vanilla etc.
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Business Card for Michela Chiucini

Designed by: Michela Chiucini
A business card printed on matte white paper.
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Oleander Creative Business Card

Designed by: OleanderCreative
A business card design concept created for an upcoming website.
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Denis Arsu – Paintrust

Designed by: Denis Arsu
A simple business card with a quote from a song and a phone number in a barcode.
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Business Card for Yuichiro Katsumoto

Designed by: Yuichiro Katsumoto
A business card printed on a sandpaper to damage other cards in someone’s card box.
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Business Card for IdentityWear

Designed by: 9Myles
A business card printed 2/2 on a recycled kraft paper.
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Foil Printed Business Card

Designed by: Aurora Print
Beautiful foil printed business card, high quality 540gsm bagdad brown colorplan card with metallic copper & metallic silver foil.
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Spot UV Business Card

Designed by: Preston Porter
Spot UV covers the seams of the barrel, wine spots, and barrel bands.
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Church Business Card

Designed by: Brandon Wilson
2/1 screen printed board stock with a die cut for a service based church.
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Circlebox Creative

Designed by: Callum Chapman
A business card created to rebrand a company.
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Business Card for Run Forrest

Designed by: Swear Words
A folding business card with a perforation so that people can write something on a side that can be torn off.
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Business Card for Erato

Designed by: Di Depux
Nice round business card with abstract and grunge design.
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Business Card for Ivelin Brachev

Designed by: Kristina Miletieva
Business card in the form of a small paper packet.
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Business Card for That Kate Creates

Designed by: That Kate
Nice business card by That Kate.
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Business Card for McElroy Architecture

Designed by: Fresh Impression
These letterpress business cards are two color and printed on 80# kraft paper.
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Business Card for Sarah Powers Media

Designed by: Sarah Powers Media
A business card with rounded corners printed on a kraft paper.
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Mobile Caffeine

Designed by: Harnods
A business card created for a mobile ad agency.
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Business Card for Yaerisong

Designed by: Yaerisong
Unusual business card of Yaerisong.
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Vlad Soto

Designed by: immaginato
Business card of Vlad Soto.
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5 in 1

Designed by: Camillia BenBassat //Avec
A business card with gold foil prints.
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Designed by: Funnel
Business card of Modi.
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D. James Goodwin

Designed for: D. James Goodwin
A business card with two rounded corners to give a unique look and printed on a thick craft stock.
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Sack Wear

Designed by: Three Advertising
A business card with a sticked neck tags from the shirts.
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Designed by: Derrick Mitchell Design
A handmade business card, screen printed, stamped, die-cut, and labeled.
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Handmade Cafe

Designed by: Sergey Shapiro
Business card for Handmade cafe.
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