30 Great Examples of Graffiti Writing and Graffiti Street Art

by . May 21st, 2008

Graffiti writing dates back many centuries, even back to Roman times when art work was scratched in and painted on to walls. In modern time graffiti writing and graffiti street art became much more than just decoration. Graffiti writing became an outlet for political activists to express themselves and also as a way for every day people and artists to express themselves.

It turned decrepit walls into beautiful pieces of artwork and quickly ingrained itself in many subcultures, eventually becoming a world wide art form. Many modern artists have roots in graffiti and the art form has worked its way into many other areas such as graphic design and digital photography.

Graffiti writing and graffiti street art have become one of the most popular subjects for photographers to shoot, as seen below in these 30 great examples.

30 Great Examples of Graffiti Writing and Graffiti Street Art

graffiti-writing3.jpg graffiti-writing2.jpg

graffiti-writing1.jpg graffiti-writing4.jpg

graffiti-writing5.jpg graffiti-writing6.jpg

graffiti-writing7.jpg graffiti-writing8.jpg

graffiti-writing9.jpg graffiti-writing10.jpg

graffiti-writing11.jpg graffiti-writing12.jpg

graffiti-writing13.jpg graffiti-writing14.jpg

graffiti-writing15.jpg graffiti-writing16.jpg

graffiti-writing17.jpg graffiti-writing18.jpg

graffiti-writing19.jpg graffiti-writing20.jpg

graffiti-writing21.jpg graffiti-writing22.jpg

graffiti-writing23.jpg graffiti-writing24.jpg

graffiti-writing25.jpg graffiti-writing26.jpg

graffiti-writing27.jpg graffiti-writing28.jpg

graffiti-writing29.jpg graffiti-writing30.jpg


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