30 Various Artworks of Astro Boy

by . March 8th, 2010

The Japanese Manga is a widely known series that consists of comics and print cartoons in the Japanese language. This type of artwork has created a phenomenal influence over the publishing industry. One of its most influential series is The Adventures of Astro Boy, claimed to be the first ever Anime on Japanese television.  Astro Boy became Japan’s envoy for overseas safety and has greatly influenced our current Anime shows.

Astro Boy’s character has made its mark in the publishing history. As a tribute to its worldwide popularity, we bring you 30 Various Artworks of Astro Boy. The collection is composed of individual interpretations of various designers in the web. Check out this cool list and be inspired… Have fun!!!

astro boy design
By : Artgerm

astro boy artrage
By : Cuson

astro boy new
By : Monk-art

new astro boy
By : Red-J

astro boy colored
By : Ginoroberto

astro boy fly
By : Rettag

astro boy battle
By : Ry-spirit

Astro boy wings
By : Sibsy

astro boy fight
By : Tovio911

astro boy arts
By : OvejaNegra77

astro boy fan

astro boy cute
By : Yellowwindow6

astro boy ill
By : Bvcomics

nice astro boy
By : Deviously-Devi

astro boy hero
By : KicsterAsh

black astro boy
By : OvejaNegra77

sweet astro boy
By : Smifink

pickled astro boy
By : Ratcrtur

astro boy art
By : Nolaj

astro boy artworks
By : Tatonkus

astro boy background
By : Eyemelt

astro boy wallpaper
By : KidNotorious

astro boy cyborg
By : Zero-zero-nine

free astro boy
By : xxxcelaohqxxx

giant astro boy
By : Ninjatron

thin astro boy
By : Kizer180

astro boy in battle
By : UberDre

go go astro boy
By : Sibsy

weak astro boy
By : Cocor

retro astro boy