5 Infographics You Should Definitely Check Out

by . July 21st, 2014

The role of infographics is to make information understandable, engaging and highly entertaining. It also comes in various formats, static infographics are the most common of them followed by video and interactive infographics. In this post we are going to show you guys some of the most recently published infographics for some inspiration.

1. A Well-Balanced Blog


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While there are tons of interactive and fancier infographics, A Well-Balanced Blog infographic got into our list because of it’s approach. Instead of going for direct approach with flat icons and illustrations, the infographic made use of visual analogy and opted to use photography and food to present the information. The result is a memorable, entertaining and not to mention highly informative.

2. Age, Height and Weight of Players in the 2014 Fifa World Cup


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If you love football and data then this one is perfect for you. Emil Johansson who is also behind the that visualized the Lord of the Rings created this amazing interactive data visualization for the 2014 World Cup. The interactive infographic features the various stats of 2014 FIFA World Cup Players.  The infographic shows metrics and factors such as goals to height, weight as well as age.

3. Interior Design by Decade


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We won’t be hopping inside the Tardis for this one but we will go back in time to look at how the British home changed over time. Commissioned by the Harvey Water Softeners, the interactive website features an illustrated look to the evolution of British interior design. Starting from the posh soft palettes of the 50s to the bold and minimalist 2010, the website reminds us that design can reinvent an object in various ways.

4. DNA Explained


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Learn more about DNA through this beautiful video infographic produced by BBC Knowledge and Learning with Territory Studio. Get to know the DNA’s role and importance as well as how we are all connected.

5. 35 Palaces Around the World


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From the Buckingham Palace to the Forbidden City get a glimpse to some of the most beautiful palaces all over the world through an interactive infographic developed by Movoto. The infographic features 35 palaces from all over the world along with historical facts and other important information on every palace.

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