A Showcase of 50 Black & White Creative Package Designs

by . July 28th, 2011

In a world full of colors, how do you stand out?

Black and white. Used separately, the two evoke totally different moods and feelings. Black is often associated with authority, power, and evil, while white is associated with purity and innocence. When used together in a good design though, these polar opposites create full contrast and balance. These black and white designs may be seen in so many ways: minimalist, elegant, classic, sometimes even bold or mysterious.

Brands and companies are constantly in a struggle for customers’ attention. How do you make your company or product stand out when competition is fierce? Most turn to creativity and imagination. We hope we inspire you with 50 creative package designs we’ve come across on the web. These are seen in a myriad of mediums, from wines and perfume bottles to boxes and bags and cartons. Enjoy!


Sofi Soaps

Illustration and Packaging Design for Laken Bottles

A Teaspoon of Sugar

1300 on Fillmore

Sushi To-Go Box

Henry (Lagarde)

Pause DVD box set

HotelAmbrose Identity / 2011

Scent Stories

Cube Pour Homme

Hugo Boss Platinum

Davidoff Champion



Pharmacy Bags

Coffee Time Bag and Cups

Gee Beauty

The Making of EKRINE


Yo-ho-ho Juice


Clarity Water

Piazza D’Oro


Q Tonic

Supperclub Vodka

Creative Creatures



Chopin 200

Schiszler Pálinka

Vodka Packaging

Breuckelen Gin

Karadag Wine

Divine Black Edition

ºN Italian Wine

Sans Containment

Ice Tea Design

Gyawu Product Design

Skullcandy Headphones

400 Costumes to Die For

Satay Batique

Wine 4 Pack

Belle & Ella Pharmacy

Leslie Ortiz

Ryan McSorley

CK One & CK Be Bottle MP3 Players

Jack Daniel’s Ready to Drink