Amazing Nature Color Palettes

by . November 23rd, 2013

Nature has inspired us humans throughout the years. From technology to clothing down to the color palettes used in art and design it is evident that the we humans are very much attached to nature.

Artists such as Van Gogh to Pierre-Auguste Renoir down to the infamous Japanese art, Ukiyo-e and the Chinese’s watercolor paintings nature has been depicted and has been used as a visual inspiration or used to provide a color palette also known as color scheme. Even now during the modern the times; painters, designers, photographers and illustrators have used nature as a source for inspiration in their designs, color palettes and other visual work. In this post we are going to particularly talk about nature and color palettes.

With tons of color palette generators present in the internet it is nice to see some awesome blogs that doesn’t just show a person a color palette but instead it shows the color palette together with the image or the scene where it originated from. One particular site where one can look at really interesting color schemes is a neat Tumblr blog named Natural Palettes by Tumblr user Jubilee who goes by the username: meancutie.

Using the images found in the Internet, Jubilee uploads the images to CSS Drive Color Palette Generator to find the image’s base color. After that, she then expands the color palettes. Using Adobe Photoshop she combines the static images or animated gif images with the color palette in order to piece together an amazing image.

Nature Color Palettes Nature Color Palettes Nature-Color-Palette-007 Nature-Color-Palette-006 Nature-Color-Palette-005 Nature Color Palettes Nature Color Palettes


According to the blog’s FAQ, Jubilee started this blog when she started doing pixel art. From there her interest grew and thus she started her pixel art color palettes from real life and further developed it there.

Nature Color Palettes Nature-Color-Palette-016 Nature-Color-Palette-015 Nature-Color-Palette-014 Nature-Color-Palette-013 Nature-Color-Palette-012 Nature-Color-Palette-011 Nature-Color-Palette-010


Ever since the blog was launched last November 17, 2013 it is slowly gaining popularity from around the world with some of her images getting at least seven thousand likes and shares throughout Tumblr. One thing is for sure, we cannot wait to see more of Jubilee’s work.

If you want to see more of these awesome natural color palettes do check out Jubilee’s blog. What do you guys think? We would like to hear your thoughts about this post so do tell us!