You! Be Inspired! – Artist Paints Dreamlike Scenes of Flying Whales

by . May 12th, 2014

Ever dreamed of seeing whales and other sea creatures roaming above the skies? Digital artist Artem Rhads Cheboha has created an amazing series of digital artworks depicting fantasy scenes of whales and other sea creatures flying above with the clouds. Also known as “RHADS” on DeviantART, the Russian artist flawlessly transformed those dreams of flying whales into stunning pieces of art.

See the works below together with other paintings featuring an octopus and stingrays in the sky. Or head over to his DeviantART gallery to discover more of his amazing works.


Dreamkiller by Rhads


Waiting For The Wave by Rhads

“Waiting For The Wave”

Sky for Dreamers by Rhads

“Sky for Dreamers”

Deep Breath by Rhads

“Deep Breath”

Sorrow for Whales by Rhads

“Sorrow for Whales”

Infinite Dreams by Rhads

“Infinite Dreams”

Endless Journey by Rhads

“Endless Journey”

Tenkhariis by Rhads


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