Awesome Identity Design of ‘Game of Thrones’ Houses as Modern Day Businesses

by . April 6th, 2014

Game of Thrones fans rejoice! As the Season 4 of HBO’s epic fantasy series premiers today! But before checking your social accounts flooded with GoT related hashtags and memes or you glue yourself in front of the TV, get some creative goodness first with this awesome fan artworks inspired by the show. Or better yet, check out another cool GoT tribute below, this time in a form of branding and identity design featuring your favorite GoT houses.

Remember that creative spin created by Shutterstock to re-imagine GoT houses as multi-million dollar corporations last year? Israel-based graphic designer and illustrator Mordi Levi, created his own version of the project. Called “Game of Firms“, his take was to create a branding for each of the GoT houses as present day companies complete with corporate and advertising materials.

Game of Firms

Arryn, for instance, is re-imagined as an airline company while Lannister is a  luxury sports car brand.

Below is what Mordi has to say about this personal project:

“I have been thinking about this project since I watched the 1st season of “game of thrones”, how much resemblance there is between the coat of arms to a logo, family words to a slogan and the vicious race for the iron throne to the race of big firms for the stock market.”¬†

Arryn Airlines

Targaryen Steak House

Lannister Luxury Sports Cars

Stark Cold Weather Outerwear

Baratheon Winery

Tyrell Flowers

Greyjoy Canned Fish

Head over here to see all the rest of the project. Which was your most favorite? Do tell us via the comments!