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by . November 10th, 2013

We know that we are done with the scary and spooky stuff but this website is worthy of that last spook before we move on to Thanks Giving. This week on Awesome Web Design of the Week, is daring us to pick and stay in some the most haunted hotels in America.

Halloween is sure over but we are not yet done with this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week! is one of the world leaders in online booking and accommodations. The company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands this giant company has 110 offices in over 50 countries around the globe.

For their Halloween special with the help of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam has created a cool website that showcases 7 famous haunted hotels of America asking their viewers if they can stay on these hotels. Some of the hotels they are featuring are the Queen Anne Hotel in California, The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, The Historic National Hotel and the Gettysburg Hotel in Pennsylvania. The site features snippets about the hotel as well as an awesome downloadable high resolution poster to illustrate the hotel. Users can share these posters in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest via social buttons.

Awesome Web Design of the Week

The posters are made to look like old movie posters which was illustrated by the infamous Akiko Stehrenber. Another nice thing about the posters is that if one looks closely at the credits area one will find details about the hotel in the poster. The posters are also posted in movie theater lobbies to widen their coverage. Apart from the posters the site also has a promotional video that focuses on the Queen Anne Hotel at the end of the site.

Awesome Web Design of the Week Awesome Web Design of the Week Awesome Web Design of the Week Awesome Web Design of the Week Awesome Web Design of the Week

Using a parallax¬†design the site takes the users into an upstairs tour of a dark and creepy hotel featuring the posters along with information about the hotel mentioned. The site may not be overly sophisticated like having tons of visual eye candy and really mind blowing code work but what’s nice is that the site offers interesting piece of history without boring the users. The website is an amazing example of how websites nowadays are used to promote a service and how it can be tied up in offline promotion.

Awesome Web Design of the Week Awesome Web Design of the Week

Hit the jump to know more about’s awesome Haunted campaign. What do you guys think about’s campaign and website? Did they hit the mark? Do tell us your thoughts at the comments below!