Awesome Web Design of the Week — Google’s Creative Sandbox

by . September 21st, 2013

 We are going to have an awesome flipping time in this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week!

In this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week we are going to check out one of Google’s many interactive micro-sites. Creative Sandbox is a showcase of marketing campaigns around the web but these are not your ordinary campaigns. The campaigns featured here is a combination of creativity and digital innovation. For digital marketers, designers and advertising junkies the site is a must bookmark.  The site is filled with amazing and inspirational campaigns done in a detailed breakdown wherein users can study and take notes from it. Another nice feature the site has is that it allows users to submit their campaigns.

Awesome Web Design

What really shines the most in their website is the creative guidebook. Now, everyone has that basic idea of what a guide book is and it is usually the ones with pages and pages of text to explain things. Unlike the described guidebook, Google did it in a rather fine and visual way.

Awesome Web Design

The main idea for the creative guidebook is a popup book. Google showcased the technology that people can utilize for their campaigns. Google teamed up with adam&DDB and We are Hive to produce this one of a kind website. We are Hive then worked with Shotopop from London to provide the amazing illustration and art direction of the popup book.

Awesome Web Design

Awesome Web Design

Here’s a look of the popup book from Shotopop:

The Digital Creativity Guidebook on Creative Sandbox by Google from Shotopop on Vimeo.

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In their website, We are Hive proudly stated that the guidebook was developed entirely in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript with no plugin libraries or 3rd party toolkits

Google has never failed to delight and amaze us with their products and their ideas as well as how they presented it to the users. They have been delivering some of the best and some of the most visually interesting things online.