Awesome Web Design of the Week — How Big Is Space?

by . March 15th, 2014

While there may not be any new updates with the Mars Discovery rover, we here in YTD are going to show you guys how immensely huge space is.In this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week we are going to travel to the outer reaches of our solar system in only a fraction of the time.

How do you show to people how vast space is by using a simple website? For BBC that is an easy question, all they made us of is a nice parallax scroll, amazing illustration and our curiousity to find out what is at the end. In this edition of Awesome web design of the week, we are traveling throughout the space with only the scroll bar on your browser. BBC teamed up with IIB Studio to create an interactive infographic to create How Big Is Space in order to show the vastness of space.  The interactive infographic is feature on BBC’s Future section which is dedicated to science and innovation.




By using a parallax scroll they are able to show how distant our world is to the edge of the Solar System. Despite of the website’s simple and straightforward aproach, it still provided a fun and knowledgable learning experience for the user. By making the infographic an interactive website IIB Studio and BBC were able to show the tidbits of information without making the user feel bored and tried. The user can run through the whole infographic through their own pace while the nice simple illustrations coasting in and out helps to make things interesting.



Behind the amazing website is IIB Studio a studio mainly focused on creating and visualizing information. The studio is comprised of David MacCandless, Duncan Swain and Rebecca Conroy all of which have a vast experiences into the world of information design and visualization.

Check  out the awesome interactive infographic of IIB Studio and BBC at the jump.