Awesome Web Design of the Week – The Interactive Resume of Robby Leonardi

by . November 15th, 2013

Students and freelancers! This one is for you! In this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week we are going to check an amazing resume!

Any creative professional knows that having a site with an awesome web design to showcase one’s work is a great way to get clients. While that may be the rule of thumb some creative professionals have took it a notch higher.  They have turned their websites into an amazing piece of design that showcases their very talent. One example of this is Robby Leonardi’s SNES Super Mario like website.

Robby Leonardi is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York. He does illustration, graphic design, animation and front-end development. Robby Leonardi is a graduat from one of the finest institutes which is the Pratt Institute New York. With a vast array of skills and having education in a prestigious institute, it comes to no surprise that Robby Leonardi’s impressive CV is filled with accolades among of these is the CSS Design Awards just this October 21, 2013.

Awesome Web Design of the Week  Awesome Web Design of the Week

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Awesome Web Design of the Week Awesome Web Design of the Week Awesome Web Design of the Week

 Leonardi’s website seems like paying homage to Super Mario which everyone knows as an iconic game. Borrowing some of the game’s elements such as the Piranha Plant and the familiar Super Mario landscape, Leonardi was able to give his website a different kick and feel.What’s amazing about the website is not just about the Super Mario look but it is a clear testament to Leonardi’s amazing skill as a designer. The jolly little fellow we get to follow in the interactive adventure down to the intricate details of building of the website itself was all done by Leonardi himself. According to his CV, Leonardi is currently working for Fox News designing and developing the website content. He also creates the animation as well as the interactive graphics that the company needs.

One thing that we creative professionals should take away in Leonardi’s interactive resume is the idea that interactive resumes may be a thing of the future. This is because there is an emergence of multidisciplinary designers who can not only design but also code their way into creating amazing websites. We will deal with that on future posts but for now let us ask you a question of what do you guys think about Robby Leonardi’s website? Share your thoughts at the comments below!