Awesome Web Design of the Week — Abby Putinski

by . August 21st, 2013

Time to strap on your bike helmets! In this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week we are going on a little adventure at San Francisco with Abby Putinski.

With the Internet and social media, sharing experiences with different people has become an easier deal for everyone. One can just share it on Facebook, Tweet it or just take an Instagram of their experience. While it is just a click away to show one’s adventure, San Francisco based designer Abby Putinski took the sharing of her adventures a notch up higher. She made a website with an awesome web design in archiving her adventures.

Awesome Web Design

Using the map data provided by Google, Abby Putinski created an amazing interactive map of San Francisco. Her website features the map of San Francisco filled with landmarks of the places she went to. Upon clicking the linked images it shows a nice animated postcard-like window made by Abby. Fans of cartography will definitely enjoy her visual map of San Francisco. With Abby’s illustrations, the famous landmarks like the Golden Gate bridge and the Ball Park are given a wonderful vibrant touch. The site still has many more areas to feature since it makes use of a map data and we can only expect that in the future there will be more iconic places that are going to be plotted in a map.

Awesome Web Design

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Awesome Web Design
The website overall is a great tribute for the city of San Francisco and to all it’s landmarks. Her website is an amazing showcase of fun illustration, interaction and user engagement. The site itself is a showcase of Abby’s amazing talent in illustration and design. In the meantime while waiting for more of her amazing illustrations of the places she went to one can check out her awesome works. If you like the site do nominate Abby’s website in Awwwards.