Awesome Web Design of the Week — Dataveyes

by . March 26th, 2014

Data visualization has been around for a long time but it is only now that people began to appreciate a well designed data. In this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week we are setting our sights on Dataveyes’ beautiful website to fuel our inspiration tank.

In an increasingly data dependent world, being able to simplify data into something that is easy to understand by everyone has become one of the lucrative ventures any designer can take on. This is why in this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week we are featuring Dataveyes, a Parisian design agency dedicated to visualizing making data available for everyone. As designers, it is our responsibility to not only make things aesthetically good but to make it available for everyone’s understanding. This responsibility is easily captured through the words of American data visualization pioneer – Edward Tufte: “Clutter and confusion are not attributes of data — they are shortcomings of design”.

Awesome-Web-Design-of-the-Week-Dataveyes001 Awesome-Web-Design-of-the-Week-Dataveyes003 Awesome-Web-Design-of-the-Week-Dataveyes006

Dataveyes starts off by explaining their mission to help people understand, operate and communicate people’s data. The seemingly random dots do not only serve as graphical elements but also as an illustration of the studio’s mission. As one scrolls down through the website, the random dots become connected until it forms into a pupil.

Awesome-Web-Design-of-the-Week-Dataveyes007 Awesome-Web-Design-of-the-Week-Dataveyes010 Awesome-Web-Design-of-the-Week-Dataveyes011


After the opening, users are then treated with the studio’s case-studies. Depending on which case-study, users are treated with an in-depth process from day one to the the final output. While many would just go skim through the content, we  highly advise that one should take their time reading the whole thing. Not only that is interesting but it is very much informative and exciting to see how were they able to come up with the end result. One particular case study that we love is the since it shows that data is not only used during a meeting but it can also be used by the general populace. Apart from the case-studies, Dataveyes has also included their other much more recent projects.

What do you guys think? Be sure to check out Dataveyes’ website for more info about their studio and their works.