Awesome Web Design of the Week — McDonalds Super Spice Dash

by . October 28th, 2013

What is it like to be a minuscule boulder made out of chicken rolling down the hill? Well, no one really knows but McDonalds UK is at it again in this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week with an immersive game for everyone!

We are going to run down through a mystical land as a chicken nugget in this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week! Creating a game to promote a product is no longer new but coming up with something interesting and enjoyable not to mention accessible for everyone is a challenge.

In order to promote their newest treat, McDonalds created the Super Spice Dash. For those who are familiar with Temple Run, Super Monkey Ball and Subway Surfers, Super Spice Dash is easy. The premise is simple one runs as McDonald’s new Spicy Chicken McBite as one goes through a series of tracks wherein users has to collect gold nuggets, chili power ups and try not to fall or crash while running. Simple, immersive and addictive, or at least great enough to make one play for a couple of hours. A game also features a leader board wherein one can see who and what is the highest score. Apart from that users can also share their scores via Facebook or Twitter which keeps the user glued to the game in hopes of beating the top tier players for bragging rights.

Awesome Web Design Awesome Web Design Awesome Web Design Awesome Web Design

The website was launched by Razorfish with the help of Goodboy Digital to celebrate the new Spicy Chicken McBite as part of the Little Tasters Menu. The making the website run on HTML 5 the team also did an awesome job in making the website accessible to everyone since the game covers different devices such as smartphones and tablets. Under the hood the website runs smoothly by using pixi.js to render the elements faster and smoother.

Awesome Web Design

(Source: Goodboy Digital)

 Awesome Web Design

McDonalds Super Spice Dash is truly a piece of awesome web design since it was able to combine the immersive gaming with beautiful advertising in a fun way. What do you guys think? Did you guys enjoyed the game? Tell us your thoughts at the comments section! We love hearing it from you!