Awesome Web Design of the Week — The Wes Anderson Collection

by . October 19th, 2013

The films created by Wes Anderson are often described as wistful, ironic, childish and utterly right. His works are often sought out and highly revered not only in Hollywood but also the whole of the film the industry. In this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week we are going to look at the website featuring a book about anything and everything about Wes Anderson.

We are featuring an awesome web design for a wonderful book showcasing the works and life of an amazing director for us to see and to be inspired from. Dear readers we are showing The Wes Anderson Collection website for your dose of awesome web design inspiration!

Awesome Web Design

The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox and his recent film, Moonrise Kingdom are just some of Wes Anderson’s films that showcased his pure genius. Many loved and grew fond of Wes Anderson’s movies specially with his characters because of their quirks and seemingly real but are larger than life. In an effort to create the first-in-depth overview of Anderson’s career and life, Matt Zoller Seitz has created the Wes Anderson Collection. Seitz is a television critic for the New York Magazine and and is a finalist of the Pulitzer Prize in criticism.

If you want more about the book here’s it’s awesome trailer:

Awesome-Web-Design-Wes-Anderson-Collection-2 Awesome-Web-Design-Wes-Anderson-Collection-3 Awesome-Web-Design-Wes-Anderson-Collection-5

The boy takes the readers on a journey to Anderson’s filmography and life.The book also features previously unpublished photograph and artworks by Anderson that goes well with the conversation between Anderson with author Seitz.

Fans of Anderson’s work will definitely love the website since they can get to see all their favorite characters such as Steve Zissou, Sam and Suzy living and interacting in the same block. Apart from that the block also features memorable landmarks in Anderson’s movies like the Rushmore school.

The amazing artwork is done by Argentina based graphic designer and illustrator Max Dalton while the website is created and developed by Outsider a hybrid advertising agency based in New York.