Awesome Web Design of the Week — Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2013

by . August 1st, 2013

We are going to start a new weekly column and this one is for all the people craving for awesome web design inspiration. To start things off with a bang, we are going to check out a gig poster-like website that oozes with awesomeness. Boys and girls, check out Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2013.

For our first entry in the “Awesome Web Design of the Week”, we are going to feature the Virgin Mobile’s annual FreeFest website. Before we go and check out the design, let’s do a little bit of history behind it. The annual event by Virgin Mobile started last 2006 but before it was called Virgin Mobile FreeFest, it was then called Virgin Festival which started in Baltimore and in Toronto.

Awesome Web Design

Awesome seems to be an understatement when describing the Virign Mobile’s site for their event FreeFest. At first glance, the site feels and looks like a humongous gig poster or a design for a graphic shirt. Grungy, energetic and playful, not only does it have the music festival vibe but it also pay tribute as well. By making the trees, speaker setup and scaffolding as the main element of the website, they paid homage to the outdoor concert experience. Virgin Mobile’s Ferris wheel trademark makes its appearance again in the site design.

The seamless design integration of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is also worth mentioning. This is because most websites today just place the social widgets it for the sake of placing it. Typography junkies are definitely going to enjoy the site as, most especially the line-up page and the line-up poster. New Jersey based creative services company One Trick Pony is behind this awesome site. We suggest that you guys check them out because this is just one of their amazing work.


Awesome Web Design
Line-Up Page


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Awesome Web Design
Line-Up Poster


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The lineup poster is beautifully designed and we will not be surprised if people clamored for its printed version to stick on their walls.  Before you guys go and check the Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2013 website we would like to hear your reactions and comments first!

We haven’t mentioned that they are going to give away free tickets on August 9! So if you are a fan of any of the bands in the lineup, we suggest that you better check their site for details!

The Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2013 is scheduled on Sept 21, 2013 at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia Maryland.