Behind the Scenes of Walking Dead Experience in a Parallax Infographic

by . July 9th, 2013

The age of parallax scrolling effect in web design is finally here! More websites are using this trend today, either to make an appealing look to images or just to entice readers for a better content presentation and brand new user experience.

Another popular application of the parallax effect is through creating infographics. One of the amazing examples is the recent project by CableTV called Zombiefied, an infographic that takes us to some behind the scene facts of the popular TV series, The Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead Zombified Infographic


The comic/graphic novel style infographic takes us into a tour of how the “walkers” (the term used to refer zombies in the show) are put into life by trained actors using special effects, make-up, the Zombie school, training requirements and more!


The Walking Dead Zombified Infographic


Aside from the interesting facts you’ll know about the show, the infographic is a great source of information for designers who integrate the parallax scrolling effect in data visualization in a form of interactive infographics.


The Walking Dead Zombified Infographic

Here is what Gavin Beck, lead designer, has to say about this amazing project:

It should be noted that we came at this as fans of the show, first and foremost. With this drive, we wanted to create a world within the Walking Dead that fans could explore and appreciate.  To achieve this, we looked to several existing technologies and techniques such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery, Web Audio/HTML5 Audio, and parallax scrolling.  However, the real challenge was to find a unique approach to incorporate all these methods into a single engaging experience across all platforms.”-


The Walking Dead Zombified Infographic


Check out this awesome parallax infographic here.


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