Celebrate Star Wars Day With These Cool Infographics

by . May 4th, 2013

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!  Most Star Wars fans out there might be celebrating this day through cosplays, action figures, graphic novels or by watching the entire saga for the nth time. As creative people, most designers and artists take part in this event by creating posters, fan artworks, video tributes or through graphical information presentation also known as infographics. Today, we have gathered some of the coolest and most informative infographics across the web to celebrate the Star Wars culture and honor the film series. So may the fourth be with you and enjoy!

(Click on the image to view the complete and full size of the infographic.)



Star Wars Infographic by Murera . A clean infographic showcasing the characters, their conflicts, stories and relationships from all the Star Wars episodes.


Star Wars Infographic



How Star Wars Changed the World. A well detailed infographic about Star Wars (not the story/plot) but the real life business effect it had.


How Star Wars Changed the World



19 Things You Didn’t Know About Star WarsA nice list of surprising yet true facts about the Star Wars franchise.


19 Things You Didn't Know About Star Wars



Star Wars Family Tree. A simple infographic about genealogy in the Star Wars universe featuring some cute face icons of the characters.


Star Wars Family Tree



The Jedi Trainer’s Guide To Employee Management. A nice infographic relating the popular series in managing business skills set and employees.


The Jedi Trainer’s Guide To Employee Management



What would your Job be in the STAR WARS Universe? Another cool infographic which features a flowchart which by answering a series of questions will lead to your most possible job in the Star Wars Universe.


What would your Job be in the STAR WARS Universe?



The Death Star. An infographic showcasing facts about the parts, functions, crew and capabilities of the most iconic fictional vehicle, the Death Star.


The Death Star



 The Economics Of The Star Wars Franchise. This infographic will show us how much George Lucas is making off Star Wars .


The Economics Of The Star Wars Franchise



There you have it guys. Which among the infographics above is your most favorite? Tell us your thoughts and comments by leaving a message below. Stay awesome everyone!


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