Creative Advertising Ideas — 007

by . May 5th, 2013

The week is almost over but before we close this week we are jotting down the some of the most creative advertising ideas we found around the net.

For this week’s Creative Advertising Ideas we are featuring expensive time pieces, headless chickens, technologically advanced beer cups, leftists newspapers and dramatic entrances.


Miami Ad School just launched these  honest and cheeky series of ads for Rolex. The series of print ads emphasizes on the value of time as well as the value of their expensive pieces. Unlike the usual high-end watch print ad which is often seen in magazines the said ad is devoid of the actual watch but instead it is replaced by a witty copy.

creative advertising ideas

creative advertising ideas

creative advertising ideas


American cable company TNT is known for their top-notch dramas such as Law & Order, Bones and Dallas. Banking on their slogan “We Know Drama” the company launched these hilarious ads featuring different situations all seemed to be going well.

creative advertising ideas

creative advertising ideas

creative advertising ideas

creative advertising ideas


For an ad to be successful it must invoke emotion to the viewers in any way the ad can. The latest advert from WOZ a newspaper in Switzerland is a creative advertising idea since they have expounded the brutal truth about their brand. Not only does the ad is great because it invokes emotion to the viewer but it also shows what kind of a newspaper WOZ is.


Budweiser Brasil just supercharge the way people make friends while having a beer or two in a local bar. Fusing technology, social media and beer, Budweiser created the “Buddy Cup” a special cup with an embedded micro chip that when clinked onto another “Buddy Cup” the two persons who clinked would become friends at Facebook.


Advertising a movie might look easy but little did most people know is that there is tons of money that goes out just to advertise or “hype up” an upcoming movie. While most Hollywood block busters rely on big name casts, amazing trailers or stunning movie posters, Domestic a Romanian dark comedy film did things a little bit different. Instead of putting out posters to attract viewers they placed stickers on chickens sold in the grocery store.

How do you guys like this week’s Creative Advertising Ideas? Tell us which ads you like the most! We’d also like to hear your insights and if we missed something give us a beep at the comments section.